Through education, we can learn more about ourselves and how we can tap into our unlimited potential. My Well Project was a platform created to raise awareness around Mental Health and the importance of improving the vitality of it. Wellness comes in all shapes and sizes, there are so many different paths one can go down to obtain optimal wealth, it is all about finding what works best for the individual.
By creating a conversation through content, the viewer has more opportunity to expand on their knowledge, assess what it is they are currently doing for themselves or what they are not doing, and move forward in the best way they can.
Desensitising the stigma around mental health gives sufferers the chance to accept their current reality and not feel judged because they are not feeling themselves. Sometimes we can suppress emotions when we are afraid others will judge us and this can unfortunately delay recovery. By being honest, open and accepting our new normal, we can begin to realise it is okay to not be okay and take the steps to overcome our struggles.
There is so much room for growth, so much opportunity for healing, sometimes we just need a helping hand, someone to lead the way. My Well Project is all about creating a safe space for communication, lifting the negative connotations around mental health and giving others the confidence to speak up! 
Learn how you can support mental health today!