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Thank you & Welcome to My Well Project, we are so glad to meet you here and we hope you take away something truly special that will help you along your personal journey.
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Being an excessive worrier my entire life, I presumed this to be who I was. It's only now when I look in hindsight just how fearful I was to be in my own skin and how detrimental it was to my mental health.

I spent many years suffering with myself, trying to find an answer as to why I always felt the way I did. One day I stopped looking outside, and began looking inside. 

This is where the real journey for me began.

It is my hope that by communicating my journey with ill-mental health I can raise awareness and chip away at the stigma against speaking out about it. 

Creating a safe space to not only tell my story but for others to share theirs is something I think a lot of sufferers will benefit from and hopefully carry through into their healing process. 

It is completely ok, to not be ok. The more we can learn to accept current feelings & emotions instead of constantly trying to push them away, the better chance we have at recovering.

My Well Project, is my project as it is yours. Join me on this journey called life, and let's get through it together.

Lauren x

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