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You know I love a good routine and having a solid gym routine has helped me remain focused and motivated when it comes to exercise! Over the years I have definitely swayed away from the same type of exercise and have tried different styles to see which works best for me and my lifestyle. Having quite a lot of history in the gym and my experience as a personal trainer, I have found a routine that I love and commit to every week. It is not 100% rigid and I am far more open to flexibility with my program than I ever have been as I feel like life is all about balance, mixing it up and not taking yourself too seriously!
I generally train 5-6 days a week dependent on several factors such as level of soreness, how busy my week is and just an overall feeling within of whether I need to do an extra session or not! As I’ve grown mentally, I’ve become far less hard on myself and allow myself distance away from the gym when necessary which keeps me loving exercise as much as I do and in a consistent space of balance.
As much as I am flexible with my gym routine, it is fairly consistent in relation to style specific. I do encourage novice exercisers to stick to a routine for at least 6 months to allow adaption, progression and the chance to build a habit and maintain consistency. In my opinion there is no point in changing things up every 4 weeks because you’re getting bored of doing the same thing. Our bodies thrive off habitual processes and changing things all the time not only confuses your body with what it is you want it to do for you but prevents discipline which is essential for stabilising a healthy fitness routine! Give yourself time to establish a connection with your routine, be patient with results, they won’t come overnight.
free work out plan
So without further ado, here is my weekly routine! I am generally a strength-based trainer with 1-2 days of HIIT sessions incorporated to improve strength abilities and promote high fat burn when I am pushed for time! I also LOVE the feeling of a sweaty workout, I mean, who doesn’t!?
I don’t complete any of my work outs on any specific day such as, Monday - legs, Tuesday - upper body, I will just generally do what I feel like on the day depending on soreness etc!
Disclaimer: this program should be used for informational purposes only.
Everyone is different and adapts to various styles of exercise differently. There is not a one size fits all approach and my recommendation would be to incorporate a few of my workouts into your week and see how you feel about them and go from there! I love answering any questions so if you have one, shoot it through!
Enjoy guys, Lauren x


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